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We make every employee feel at home and aim to improve each person’s feeling of self-worth We work to make every person reach their full potential We have a very friendly and caring team who will support every employee to contribute in the production of: Printed products Gifts Packaging processes

Eligibility Criteria

  • Have the desire to work
  • Have an approved NDIS plan for supported employment
  • Require ongoing support to maintain employment
  • Agree to participate in an Individual Employment Plan and wage assessments
  • Have a disability
  • Agree to follow the National Disability Standards
  • Complete and sign a JewishCare /Print35 Service Agreement
  • Agree to follow the JewishCare/Print35 Code of Conduct

To gain access to Print35, participants must meet the following criteria:


We provide ongoing training to all staff. This includes training to improve the job and task capability of each employee. We also provide computer training to appropriate staff in the recently upgraded computer hub.

When can you come to Print35?

Print35 will carefully select any person wanting to come into the program so we can support them in the best possible way. No person is excluded from access to the services of Print35 on the basis of age, gender, language, disability, sexual orientation or religion. The employees will undergo a 6 month probationary period. Following the successful completion of this period their employment will continue with the organisation

Trial Period

We encourage any person interested in joining our team to come along for a trial. In this way we can all be assured that Print35 is the best place to be.

The Place

Print35 moved into its custom designed premises in 2012 which are clean with plenty of natural light to ensure everyone feels relaxed and at home. It has excellent facilities including a lunch room and toilets. Print35 is always invited to be part of JewishCare’s regular celebrations and events including the end of year staff party and Jewish festival celebrations.


If you want to work at Print35 please contact us on
(02) 8302 0231 or send your enquiry here.

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